Badulina (2011)

by ILHAAM project

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released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



ILHAAM project Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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Track Name: Badulina
Open up your gate,
open up,
open up

You and me , were gonna live freestyle,
at least for a while, till the day that we die,
i know we shall find a place under the sky
where Love is the law and the truth cannot lie,
who you've been where you going
have you comming from far?
it dont matter for us, in the present we trust.
we know the worst criminal is a diamond covered in dust

so welcome back to your long lost home,
you traveled from far but now you know you are not alone
we are millions, billions
praying for change
one day we shall unit gather under this name


Now were starting to see through this democratic aristocrasy
they telling us we 're free but we we can't live the way we want be
we will run run run - to the woods, to the the mountains,
where the building do not block the sun.

create a new nation with no frontier
no more bloodshed and no more tears
cause Love is here and here to stay
we are all but children lost in this game
of whats your name and what you do
we know there's more but we can't see through this
wall of lies and selfishness
i still believe we can co- EXIST


If i would have two wings,
i would fly away so far from here X2

Chorus x2

Badulina , badulina...
Track Name: Jour de l'étoile
miginimani minimani miginimani minimani mayé

We have come here from far,
we were called here by the stars,
Love is all we wish to say
on this planet just to sing and play

Jour de l'etoile
porte Jour de l'espoire
Sous l'oeil, les volutes effleurées disparaissent
sous l'oeil les volutes effleurées

Ever since the day was born
Couldn’t help the feeling everything was wrong
Never really cared for paper gold
was told were too young but we are feeling old

Jour de l'etoile…

Et dans l'echo des jours qui s'ecoulent
comme dans un fleuve au different courants
se temperent au jours present ,
un etre a naitre , un etre....

Children running from the distant road
come to me, come to see
oh haven’t you forgotten where you’re coming from
and we've been running from home for so long

Une mémoire du ciel s'est deposer
dans cette nouvelle ère du verseau s'est versé
les gouttes de cristalles
pluie Arc en ciel dans ton cœur

in this cosmic crossroad we are guided from far
(Laissez vous dansez...)
by all the galaxies and all of the stars
(elle est dans les airs,et dans la seve les fées magicienne, qui nous entrains)
will we open our eyes and have courage to see
the Love that we are
the light that we could be

we have come here from far
we were called here by the stars
Love is all we wish to say
Love is all we wish to say.
Track Name: It Is Here
=Its the end of he world as we knew it would come
Its the final, greatest Celebration
People gather up from across the world
To create a great new nation.. (Badulina)

All the prophets and sages
since eons and ages
were warning and singing
what the new age was bringing
we saw it coming, it was just right there

...We saw the world burning but we didnt really care

It is here, Now
We knew it would come but we didnt know how
But its now, Here
Mama is back my child have no fear

Theres a fine line between what is yours and mine
Armageddon days are coming to unite mankind
Were trying to escape, but the ghosts they ust catch up with us
Were googling solutions but were never gonna get enough
I call the bluff! on the bullshit they sell,
if money is heaven Id rather go to hell
Might as well spend the little time i got upon this planet
Dancing on the streets Ive got no time to waste god damnit
So c'mon my friends, to the greatest show youve ever seen
You will hear a big boom,
than everyone will scream..

Chorus x1

I Wish I had a heart,
I could touch this world X2

Mon Frere l'heure est arrivé,
je sens mon coeur enfin respiré,
la terre grandit s'étire jouis renait,
Son horloge interne à sonné!

Chorus x2

I Wish I had a heart....
Track Name: Comme 2 Ailes
La ligne d'horizon,
avec tes yeux au loin dans ce lieu d'ou tu viens!
les nuages ont pris la voie du vent
et nos coeurs se separent pour un moment.

Ces instants de partages
la musique, nos voyages
La lave en fusion
Notre volcan creation

Bridge :
Comme accroché
la lune séparé,
soleil d'argent
vas t'en vas t'en
Comme accroché,
la lune séparé
soleil d'argent
vas t'en vas t'en

Stars are fading
tear are shading in the snow
is there time for us to find again
to find again that place inside,
we were lookin for,
we knew it was..
running running back home


with you i have a meaning,
a destiny to call my own
with you there is a reason
to all this crazy turning world
but we are here still hand in hand
we watch the war
the killing fields
i still believe there is a place
where Love is more than just a word

les coeurs les coeurs
papillons volent au vent
Amour mon Ocean
Track Name: Maman
Pars bateau voile, aux mers eternelles
A l'infini d'un voyage auxquelle,
tout etre sur terre s'est ambarquer dans cette eau troublante,

Un chemin sous marin,
un sillage dans un rien
Comme un lien qui deviens ,qui se tient dans tes reins,
en ton sein...

Oh Maman , mon Ocean,
maman, tu t'es donné completement,
maman , mon Ocean,

J'ai ma force insinué dans ton corps qui se dessine dans une danse en silence,
Un echo qui te repelle que l'amour n'a pas de prix
et que dans ton lit,
tu ne sera plus jamais seule,

Oh Maman , mon Ocean,
maman, tu t'es donné completement,
maman , mon Ocean,

Maman avec le temps,
ton ocean, s'est renversé,
d'un bain d'amour
j'ai basculé
Mes racines arrachés

WAH, o mama heya!

oh grand esprit, Terre, ma mere,
mon corps est faible,
l'ancien chemin s'est effacé
Lumiere neon m'appelle
je tourne le dos.
un jour mes pieds nus se deposeront sur ton corps
de nouveau.


By sail boat, to eternal seas
towards the infinte of a voyage to which
all beings on earth have embarked in these troubled water,
a crossing...

An underwater path,
a ripple in nothing
like a link that becomes, that holds on to your kidneys
on to your breast.

Oh mother, my ocean
Mother, you gave yourself completely
Mother, my ocean

I have my force inisinuated in your body
which paints itself in a silent dance,
an echi which reminds you
that love has no price
and in your bed,
you shall never again be alone .

Oh mother, my ocean
Mother, you gave yourself completely
Mother, my ocean

with time,
your ocean has been overturned
from a bath of love I have fallen
my roots - ripped out

Oh great spirit!
Earth, my mother
my body is weak
the ancient path has been erased
Neon lights are calling - I turn my back.
one day, my bare feet
shall depose on you body
once again.
Track Name: Bercer d'anges
Les bleus rayons du vent,
Invitent mon imagination,
Les bleus rayons dedans me portent,
Les vertes prairies éclairent,
Mon cœur d'enfant,
L'odeur du feu dans mes cheveux, me berce

Les fleurs séchées sur page
M'ont emporté,
Mes yeux fermés voyagent
De l'autre côté,
De l'autre côté....

Soudain le temps s'est arrêté,
Mon corps,
Transporté, alléger, dehors,
Puis le masque est tombé, à Terre,
Puis nudité,
Puis liberté,
Pour s'envoler!!!!!!

Un vert d'amour,
Soleil levant
La porte au dehors,
Un cœur qui bat dedans

Un vert d’Amour,
Soleil couchant,
La porte au dedans,
Un cœur qui bat dehors.

Je danse,
Dans les champs,
Je danse,
Avec les anges,
Je danse dans les champs,
je danse,
Mon cœur d'enfant

Je Danse, Je danse.