Jour de l'étoile

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miginimani minimani miginimani minimani mayé

We have come here from far,
we were called here by the stars,
Love is all we wish to say
on this planet just to sing and play

Jour de l'etoile
porte Jour de l'espoire
Sous l'oeil, les volutes effleurées disparaissent
sous l'oeil les volutes effleurées

Ever since the day was born
Couldn’t help the feeling everything was wrong
Never really cared for paper gold
was told were too young but we are feeling old

Jour de l'etoile…

Et dans l'echo des jours qui s'ecoulent
comme dans un fleuve au different courants
se temperent au jours present ,
un etre a naitre , un etre....

Children running from the distant road
come to me, come to see
oh haven’t you forgotten where you’re coming from
and we've been running from home for so long

Une mémoire du ciel s'est deposer
dans cette nouvelle ère du verseau s'est versé
les gouttes de cristalles
pluie Arc en ciel dans ton cœur

in this cosmic crossroad we are guided from far
(Laissez vous dansez...)
by all the galaxies and all of the stars
(elle est dans les airs,et dans la seve les fées magicienne, qui nous entrains)
will we open our eyes and have courage to see
the Love that we are
the light that we could be

we have come here from far
we were called here by the stars
Love is all we wish to say
Love is all we wish to say.


from Badulina (2011), released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



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