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Open up your gate,
open up,
open up

You and me , were gonna live freestyle,
at least for a while, till the day that we die,
i know we shall find a place under the sky
where Love is the law and the truth cannot lie,
who you've been where you going
have you comming from far?
it dont matter for us, in the present we trust.
we know the worst criminal is a diamond covered in dust

so welcome back to your long lost home,
you traveled from far but now you know you are not alone
we are millions, billions
praying for change
one day we shall unit gather under this name


Now were starting to see through this democratic aristocrasy
they telling us we 're free but we we can't live the way we want be
we will run run run - to the woods, to the the mountains,
where the building do not block the sun.

create a new nation with no frontier
no more bloodshed and no more tears
cause Love is here and here to stay
we are all but children lost in this game
of whats your name and what you do
we know there's more but we can't see through this
wall of lies and selfishness
i still believe we can co- EXIST


If i would have two wings,
i would fly away so far from here X2

Chorus x2

Badulina , badulina...


from Badulina (2011), released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



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